Fostering the Growth of Biopharma in Morocco

Our mission is to educate key stakeholders and attract global investment and biopharma companies. Morocco’s robust infrastructure offers state-of-the art manufacturing and research capabilities which will enable greater accessibility for medicines and vaccines in Africa.

Fostering the Growth of Biopharma in Morocco -


We’ve launched and managed events across the GLOBE ranging from exclusive meetings for C-Suite leaders to industry-wide expos and partnering meetings hosting over 20,000 attendees.

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Our Collective Experience:
Skilled Business Executives.

Executives with over 75 combined years of strategy, business development, relationship management, and programming experience

Biopharma Program Innovators.

Innovative leaders in the development and implementation of international biopharma programs

Conference Launch Experts.

Successful “Go-to-market” strategies with proven success launching some of the most successful Conferences in Life Sciences

Extensive Industry Connections.

Extensive network includes biotech startups, Fortune 100 companies, investors, CMOs, NGOs, and other key stakeholders, fostering deep and diverse relationships across the industry.


Our Expertise Extends Beyond Events…

Events are the means to an end. We move industries forward. An event in Morocco will bring international stakeholders together to educate about the real opportunities in this region and to create an environment that will attract international biopharma companies.

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Key Growth Factors
Growth Factors To Move an Industry Forward

We have seen regions grow. We have seen regions fail. What factors are needed for an industry to successful scale?

Infrastructure & Technology
Government support
Financial/Biopharma Investments
Economic development plan
Stakeholder Engagement
Public Relations (PR) plan
Workforce/talent pool
Event - BRING people there. Educate & SHOWCASE

Turnkey Event Management

Experienced life sciences event experts, ready to launch a thriving conference drawing global industry leaders.

Specializing in addressing the business needs and opportunities of clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to create the right event with appropriate program features and key stakeholders to propel business objectives.

Leverage our vast network of industry leaders, sponsors, and partners to recruit the right mix of stakeholders and promote the event via distribution channels. Implement best-of-class branding and digital marketing strategies to amplify reach, and partner with key industry media to tell our story.

Management of all aspects of event execution to ensure attendees have a positive experience from event launch to on-site participation. Oversight of budgets, staff resources, operations, and post-con reporting.

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